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Our methodology

More than just training,
offers personalized coaching.

Defining your challenges

Together with our expert, you define the issues to focus on (prospecting, qualification, closing, objections, etc.), and the results sought. In this way, you prepare the ideal path for your team to progress, in your own specific sales context.

Weekly team sessions

We organize an intensive session every week with all team members, and ideally their manager or a company executive.

Technique and attitude

Our training focuses not only on technical aspects and sales methodologies (MEDDIC), but also on the attitude to be developed: customer welcome, mindset, active listening, egalitarian posture, etc.


Each session begins with feedback on the application of the previous weeks' lessons. The aim is to contextualize what has been learned so that it can be adapted to the people and specifics of your business and your customers.

Writing the Sales Handbook

Throughout the training course, what you learn and the practical cases you encounter are recorded in a reference document that you receive at the end: the Sales Handbook. Useful for all participants, it will also serve as a basis for training newcomers.
How it works

How training is organized

8 participants maximum per session
Each training cycle involves a maximum of 8 people, so that we can work with each student individually. If you wish to train more than 8 people, you can organize several sessions. Conversely, if you have fewer than 8 people, you can participate with other companies.
10 weeks of training or 1 intensive bootcamp
We adapt the organization to your needs. Training can be delivered over 10 consecutive weeks (1 hour/week) or condensed into a one-day intensive bootcamp.
Personalized support
Each session includes practical exercises (role-playing) to learn how to deal with issues specific to your business. After training, we support you in tracking your results. You'll also receive your personalized Sales Handbook and session recordings.

Training to boost your sales targets

Price per person
Our training includes :
10 hours of intensive training
Individual coaching
A tried and tested method
Access to our video platform
Real-life case studies
Your personalized Sales Hand Book
Post-training follow-up
Privileged access to our events
Make an appointment


of additional qualified appointments


more closed opportunities


increase in average shopping basket


of employee promoters (e-NPS score)
The program

Training content .

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The mindset: finding your "why

The first barrier to sales is often psychological. So we start by helping you realign yourself with your goals:
- Why is it important to prospect and sell?
- Why are the problems you solve worth addressing?
- Why should the customer choose your company?
- Why should they choose you personally?

Control the sales cycle

Develop a solid method for advancing each opportunity in your sales pipeline, step by step:‍
  • home
  • discovery
  • choice of products / services
  • demonstration or presentation
  • sales proposal
  • closing
  • monitoring and development

Handling objections

The aim is to shorten the sales cycle and facilitate the prospect's buying process:
  • encourage the formulation of objections
  • discover the prospect's true motivations
  • use them to reduce decision-making risk

Methods and rituals

  • Learn the fundamentals of the MEDDIC method
  • Organize regular role-play for your teams.
  • Create and update your Sales Handbook
  • Organize your CRM and sales enablement tools

Expected benefits.

Complete, shared control of the sales cycle

Better customer attitude. Lead qualification. Managing ghosting. Handling objections. You have all the tools you need to move your opportunities towards closing. The process is now clear and unified for the whole team.

Increase in sales

More RDVs, better-qualified leads, and an increase in the average basket equal a net increase in team sales. At the same time, you build a pipeline of opportunities for the medium/long term.

Increased sales team motivation

Your team emerges more motivated from the training. They share the same methods and objectives. The tools developed serve as a basis for onboarding and training future recruits. You'll find that your employees are happier and more committed to the company.
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For whom

Who can benefit from Blacksales training?

All sales people, whatever their level of seniority. And more broadly, to all team members who are in contact with customers, and of course to managers who are often the first salespeople in their companies.


Learn the best sales techniques and approaches to help you achieve your goals

Founders and executives

Support your teams in implementing an effective and ambitious sales strategy
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Sales managers

Update and deepen your sales skills to stay at the cutting edge of the industry

Account and Customer managers

Learn how to identify business opportunities in your key accounts and increase the value of your portfolio.

Your state-funded training .

Our training courses are eligible for OPCO funding. As an employer, this means you can cover all or part of the training costs for your teams. Contact us for more information, or get in touch with your local OPCO.
Training eligible for OPCO
Investment with no financial impact
Simplified procedures
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"Thanks to Blacksales training, I was able to
double my closing rate."

founder foodtruck agency
Martin Malinvaud
CEO, The Food Truck Agency

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our digital prospecting service
How long does the course last?
Typically, a Blacksales training course lasts 8 weeks, during which you will participate in intensive sessions designed to maximize learning and practice.
Do I need previous sales experience?
No, our training courses are designed to accommodate participants of all levels, whether beginners or experienced.
What is the Sales Hand Book?
At the end of the course, you'll receive a Sales Hand Book, designed by our sales experts. This comprehensive guide will enable you to review sales strategies, negotiation techniques and best sales practices.
How much does training cost?
The total cost of the course is €1,290 per person. This fee includes all training modules, teaching materials and access to our professional network.
Is there any post-training follow-up?
Of course. We'll be in touch regularly to find out about your progress, your bottlenecks and any questions you may have about certain aspects of the sale.
What is the course format?
Courses are held via videoconferencing, but if your offices are in Bordeaux, we can hold face-to-face classes! Courses combine theory, case studies and practical projects to provide a complete learning experience.
How can I register for training?
You can register directly via this page or by contacting us by e-mail or telephone, and we'll get back to you to discuss your needs and expectations.
What kind of follow-up is provided during training?
You'll receive individual support, regular feedback and assistance from our team throughout the course, and even afterwards!
Are there any networking opportunities?
Yes, we regularly organize networking events with our alumni and sales professionals to expand your network.
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