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‍Theassistant designed by salespeople,
for salespeople.
Blacksales is not another software that you will have to set up and use all day long to get results.

Blacksales is the virtual prospecting assistant "human in the loop" that prospects for you autonomously. Because your time is better spent talking to your prospects and customers.


Blacksales was founded by Sébastien Burgain and Aurélien Merdassi in Bordeaux


Blacksales has grown and currently has 18 talented employees in its team.


Since the launch, over a hundred customers have put their trust in us and are using Blacksales.

Why Blacksales?

Over the last 10 years, as entrepreneurs, we have had the opportunity to use a large number of tools to help us prospect: professional social networks, databases, predictive scoring tools, excel files, marketing & sales automation solutions, browser plugins, etc.
Despite their respective qualities, we spent more than 50% of our time using them instead of talking to our prospects, customers or teams.

We started developing what was to become Blacksales for ourselves. Satisfied with the results, we told other entrepreneurs about it, just so they could develop the same thing as us at home, and they asked if they could buy or rent our prototype instead. The attraction of the idea made us decide to focus all our time and energy on this new product.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Blacksales was born in the summer of 2016 with a simple promise: to enable BtoB sales teams to start discussions and get appointments with their prospects, without doing anything, so they can focus on qualification, proposals, relationship building and closings.

Since then, we have been supporting more than 250 growing companies and are continuously developing the capabilities of our "human in the loop" virtual assistant to find the best prospects, contact them with the most relevant content and follow up at the best time.

Want to join the Blacksales adventure?

Our team of enthusiasts is just waiting for you!
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Human in the loop

Blacksales is a "human in the loop" virtual prospecting assistant, which means that our machine learning and automation technologies are closely supervised by account managers specially trained in our processes and in the best practices of B2B prospecting.
All content is written and continuously improved by dialogue specialists in the writing of commercial prospecting content and a customer success manager checks the selection of prospects to be contacted, the qualification of responses and the activation of personalised follow-up scenarios initially made by our algorithms.

This method of qualification and verification of data guarantees optimum quality of service and allows us to constantly improve the predictions of our algorithms: the more Blacksales prospects for you, the more it improves.

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