The prospecting solution to exceed
pipeline and revenue goals.

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An end-to-end platform
to automate pipeline generation and management from A to Z

btob prospects list

Automate the identification of your best prospects

For each of your prospecting targets, Blacksales finds and organizes the contacts (first name, last name, professional e-mail, Linkedin profile, position...) of the decision-makers within the rights accounts for you.

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lead generation by email

Automate messages to your prospects

Blacksales triggers personalised messages to selected prospects directly from the e-mail inboxes of your sales representatives to generate responses and requests for meetings.

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multi-channel prospecting solution

Automate the analysis of your prospects' behaviour and responses

Based on the responses and behaviours of your prospects, Blacksales will contextually follow up with them and/or create follow-up tasks for your sales people by phone or via Linkedin so that they do not miss any opportunities.

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automatic pipeline in crm

Automate data entry in your CRM in real time

Blacksales sends all the data into your CRM, creates opportunities and follow-up tasks and assigns them to your sales people who focus on high value actions and sign more new contracts.

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A dedicated consulting service
to ensure the highest possible level of performance

Customised onboarding

Support in creating your prospecting targets
Copywriting and scripting of email sequences
Deliverability tests and connection of your sales representatives' email accounts
Customised integration with your CRM

A dedicated operational consultant

Creation and management of campaigns
Analysis of your results and recommendations
Business performance reviews
Training of your teams on best practices for prospecting
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Transform your sales organisation, increase your new business revenues by 50 to 100%.

3 hours of productivity gained

Up to 3 hours saved per day per sales person


Increase the number of qualified appointments made by your sales staff

new business revenues

Increase the new business revenues signed by your sales staff

return on investment

On average, 1 euro invested with Blacksales generates 17 euros of revenue

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Testimonial Image
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"At the end of 2018, we wanted to accelerate our business development. We adopted the strategy of relying on a solution that allows us to generate new business opportunities. Blacksales has become our main source of meetings and growth. 2 to 4 professional meetings every month and several deals signed over a year."
Clément Platteau, Co-founder | See review on Trustfolio
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blue vizier logo
"Blacksales has allowed us to automate part of our B2B sales effort. Based on accurate content and data, Blacksales has been able to generate a steady stream of solicitations that have enabled us to sign several contracts. The ROI in our case is very well on target."
Thomas Maitre, Co-founder | View review on Trustfolio
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"An ideal solution for start-ups to identify prospects while saving time.
The solution addresses the entire market without preconceptions. Effective A/B testing, easily measurable ROI."
Jonathan Lang, Co-founder | See review on Trustfolio
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logo igraal client blacksales
"Despite a large pool of already active partners, the Blacksales technology, team and professionalism have enabled us to sign some great partnerships. A solution that works!
ROI (CA. / budget) and pipeline (in €) interesting"
Nicolas Berdalle, Sales Director | See review on Trustfolio
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logo food truck agency
"Blacksales helps me increase my revenues significantly ! At Food Truck Agency, the problem was to reach large accounts. I got new prospects to convert very quickly!"
Martin Malinvaud, Co-founder | See review on Trustfolio

"For two years now, we have been constantly surprised by the effectiveness of Blacksales, both in terms of the speed of results and the quality of leads generated. Blacksales allows us to control our budget and ROI and today it is one of our most effective levers."

Guillaume Doki-Thonon, CEO | Reech