We respect your personal data

Here are some things to consider before unsubscribing.
We only use professional data

We only collect information of a professional nature, with the aim of offering you solutions (BtoB) that are interesting for you and your company.
No personal canvassing is carried out.
We only have the following information at our disposal:
- surname
- first name
- professional email address only (no personal address)
- position
- company
- Linkedin profile url

We offer quality targeting

We aim to reduce the number of intrusive messages you receive by helping professionals target only people whose profiles match their offers.

We help you keep an eye on the market

We work exclusively with BtoB companies with a proven track record in their market.
Rather than completely restricting access to your data, we offer you the option of choosing the topics that interest you so that you only receive relevant information.

We respect a business ethic

Canvassing is necessary for the commercial health of companies (no doubt yours as well), even if we also know that it is sometimes irritating to be canvassed regularly.
We therefore encourage our clients to respect an ethical approach to commercial canvassing: contact during working hours only, right of opposition of prospects, etc.

If you nevertheless wish to restrict access to your data, please fill in the form provided for this purpose.